Another HOPE at Cihampelas.St. Bandung!


"To share the spirit and passion of true Italian coffee by delivering
an exceptional and brewtiful coffee experiences. We are committed to being
an important, contributing member of our community and offering
the 'HOPE' family a fun, healthy and nurturing work environment
while ensuring our long-term success..."


Hope Café features a modern-tropical style.... It's designed as a warm and cozy semi-open air establishment with comfy over-sized couches, a private mini-theater and a small library.Our customers are able to enjoy their moments in a very relaxing ambiance, reading various books, watching sport matches or movies on a large screen. Free Wi-Fi Internet access is also available.
Hope Café is located in North Bandung of West Java Indonesia. By exclusively brewing Italian-Roasted LAVAZZA beans, we are committed to deliver a true Italian coffee experience...

Formerly known as 'The Daily Caffeine', the first hardcore espresso bar in town, Hope Café evolves with a new, gentler image and philosophy. We aim to introduce to the public a genuine Italian coffee drinking experience at an affordable cost. There are things that will never change, however, such as our true passion for good coffee and our endless pursuit of its perfect aroma :)

(The thing I do for my country…..Vin Diesel, xXx)

A small contribution to the society, here at place of hope, not wanting to follow the footsteps of many companies that launch their Corporate Social Responsibility programs only after they have grown large enough, we choose to get involved in social causes since the beginning with our own little Corporate Social Involvement (CSI) program:

The word doesn’t just mean ‘hope’ literally to us. It also stands for ‘Help Others and Protect the Environment’. Of course, we also ‘hope’ that what we do will be successful. But more than that we would like to become a company that is able to ‘Help Others’ in ways we have most expertise in. Those include barista training programs for high school graduates that are unable to attend college or kids from various orphanages/foster homes. We truly believe that every person is entitled to a better living by his/her own efforts. Therefore we want our company to be able to assist those who wish to achieve a better living by using our company as a stepping stone. We would train them to become pro baristas and basic F&B management. Those who ‘graduate’ may opt to work at our outlets or other cafes.
We would also like to be a company that ‘Protects the Environment’. We try our best to avoid using un-recyclable substance like plastics. That’s why we are not particularly joyful to sell take-away items because that would mean we have to use some un-recyclable packaging! Besides that, we also utilize our coffee waste as an organic fertilizer, started with our own yard.
Furthermore, we put aside a small portion of our sales revenues for direct/immediate social causes like regular charity contributions and natural disaster relief funds.
We can proudly announce that all of customers do not simply enjoy an excellent cup of coffee at our outlets, but participate in helping others who are in need as well.
So on behalf of them, we would like to extend our enormous gratitude!

Firstly, we simply love its taste. So do the majority of our customers, locals and expatriates alike. Wonderful aroma, just perfect acidity, perfect crema, etc. How can we offer something that we don't 'believe' in it ourself?
Secondly, its popularity in Italy. We want to deliver the ultimate Italian coffee experience to our customers. What could help to achieve that goal better than serving the most popular household brand in that country, right?
The company reported that 16 out of 20 million (80%) coffee purchasing families in Italy choose LAVAZZA.
Thirdly, its long history and heritage. Lavazza S.p.A.’s origins go back to 1895 in a little grocery store in Turin, Northern Italy. In 1927 the little grocery store became the modern Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. Today, as Italy’s favourite coffee, Lavazza is the leader in terms of sales and quality. It is also recognized throughout the world as the symbol of Italian espresso and being Italian. So more than just a cup of coffee, we actually sell Lavazza's history and heritage.
Fourthly, the most important one is our commitment to support the local coffee growers. Say what? Well, it’s true that Lavazza is roasted and packed in Italy, but we’ve got written assurance from Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. that all of the coffee blends we are using contain at least some parts originated from Indonesia. We couldn’t get the same assurance from other Italian roasters.


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*Prices subject to change without prior notice
*Prices subject to 15% government tax and service charge